Sanders Coaches Ltd - your local North Norfolk bus and coach Company - Whats happening at the Company


Hello Everyone. We are pleased to be able to inform you that under the guidance of our very experienced managers the Company is, and will continue, to operate its full current time tables for the rest of this Autumn and winter, unless we are faced with further COVID19 challenges or a government instruction that prevents us doing this. We want to be able to provide you with some certainty in these difficult times.

Norfolk people seem to have grasped the reality of the coronavirus situation and are taking good care of themselves, and in doing so, also taking good care of their loved ones, neighbours and the wider community. This is a real feather in our cap.  Hopefully by remaining as focused as we all have been so far we can prevent the virus getting anything like a good foothold in this lovely County of ours and more importantly among its lovely people.

Trading conditions are very difficult but we remain open for business and our coaches are available for hire as soon as you feel ready to venture a bit further. Sanders will be here, whenever that day comes, to once again bring some adventure and delightful days out for reunited clubs, groups, schools and friends alike. For those who want to think about plans for 2021 we would be very pleased to hear from you. We will take any coach booking in good faith and fully understand should it then become necessary to cancel. No Cancellation charges will be levied should a cancellation become necessary. We want to try to work with everyone and provide some confidence to group or school organisers to look forward to better days in these uncertain times.

We thank you all for your past business and look forward to serving you all again in the future.

Our warmest wishes go to you all from the whole of the staff  in the Sanders family  - take care, stay safe, and hopefully we will see you again fairly soon.

Charles and Paul Sanders.