New Coach Parking area planning permission at Holt


You may have read in the press that we have been granted planning permission on a grassy area near to Holt Country Park I would like to advise that this area is within the designated Industrial and employment area of Holt and is inside the existing boundary of the old Kongslkilde enginering site on Hempstead Road. We have been operating 12 coaches from this site complaint free since November 2017. This new parking area is at present scrubland at the bottom of the site and once surfaced the vehicles will be moving approximately 50 metres from where they have been currently parked to this new area. This will make the whole site safer and more accessible for the other businesses that share the premises and give us a few more coach parking spaces. It will also  provide valuable staff parking to avoid nuisance parking outside our local residents homes. We will be carrying out extensive screeening and noise abatement measures and aim to be of as little impact to our neighbours as is possible. Regards Charles Sanders.