Information for parents/guardians re: future school transport provision


Students Returning to School 

Dear Parent / Guardian,

Like us, we are sure that you have concerns about the current COVID-19 situation, and how it will affect students returning to their places of education if the government goes ahead with its’ plans to open schools from 1st June 2020.

As a major transport provider for the education system in this area, we would like to re-assure you that we have made some major changes to the way we operate our bus services, and those changes will extend to our provision of education transport, these provisions have been outlined below.

 Vehicle and Passenger Capacity

To enable social distancing the vehicles capacities have been vastly reduced.

Small 8 seat vehicles

These have 3 rows of seating and will now only be allowed to carry 2 students as follows: 1 on the back row 1 on the middle row and our driver at the front.

16 seat Minibus Vehicles

These will now only be able to carry 4 students in clearly designated seats.

Medium 30 – 33 seat vehicles

These will now only be able to carry 7 students in clearly designated seats.

Standard single deck buses

These would normally seat 4143 passengers and have now been reduced to 11 seats Standing passengers will not be allowed during this time.

Double decker buses

These vehicles would normally seat 8090 passengers and have now been reduced to just 18 seats, as with single deck buses Standing passengers will not be allowed during this time.

School coaches

These vehicles would normally seat 4570 passengers and have now been reduced to just 10 seats.

Boarding and Alighting

It will be expected that all students regardless of age should be able to board and alight the vehicle without any assistance from their parent/guardian or the driver, this means they need to be able to operate the seat belts. As much as our staff would like to assist in the normal manner, social distancing will prevent this from happening.


We will do everything we can to maintain our vehicles in a clean and sanitised state, our standard single deck and double decker buses now have hand sanitiser dispensers fitted for passenger use.

Risk of overloading

We are sure that you will have concerns about students being left behind if the allocated vehicle does not have enough available seating, so we invite you to work with us and the local education transport authority so that we know how many students will be expected on each school run. Sanders Coaches Ltd will do everything that we can to ensure all students who need school transport will be able to get to and from school safely. 

We regret to inform you that parents will not be allowed to travel with their child(ren) on the buses at this time as it will reduce the seating availability even further, and to assist with social distancing that you stand at the bus stop while your child(ren) get on and off the bus rather than getting on to seat them and then getting off again. (Please see “Boarding and Alighting / Risk of overloading” sections). 

Finally, please be polite and courteous to our staff, remember that our drivers are on the front line of the service and share the same concerns as you about catching Coronavirus and potentially taking it home to their families while doing their best to keep the services running, physical and / or verbal abuse against our drivers or telephone staff will not be tolerated.

For more information:

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