Important Information For Holdall® Card Users.


The Holdall Card is being closed, and it will not be possible to use it after 30 April 2021. Customers are encouraged to use any outstanding sQuid balance, as we will only be able to accept the Holdall Card as payment for travel up to 30 April 2021. 

All Holdall Cardholders should have been emailed information about the closure of Holdall, including instructions relating to any remaining value in their sQuid purse.

Customers who still have value on their card on 30 April 2021 can get a full refund by emailing: [email protected] and providing their card number, name, address and contact details. 

The Holdall Card scheme is run by an independent company, not by Sanders Coaches Ltd, all enquiries should be addressed to: [email protected]

Sanders Coaches Ltd will still be accepting payment by contactless credit / debit card and mobile devices, this withdrawal of service applies to the Holdall Card ONLY.