Guidance to the increased services from Monday 12th April 2021


We are pleased to announce that in line with the easing of Government Covid restrictions that will see most shops reopen - self catering accommodation and camping and caravan sites reopening we will be returning our Local Bus Services to their full timetables. Please see below for a brief summary of the changes being made.

Service 5A

Sunday Service re instated with slightly adjusted times to connect with revised Coasthopper CH2 timetable.

Service 6/X6

Returned to its full timetable as of July 2020.

Service 6A frequency increased

Returned to its full timetable as of July 2020.

Service 9

Service frequency increased some variations to previous timetable.

Service 18

Saturday Supported service reinstated- amended Pm time for journey from Aylsham High School to 14.55 from 15.30 to Aldborough.

Service 25

Tuesday service Reinstated will now operate on Tuesday and Friday

Services 27/28

Service Increased back to full Monday to Friday operation

Service 34

Service being returned to its full timetable as of July 2020

Service 43

Frequency increased + new 42 service journeys at request of Norfolk County Council giving quicker shopper journeys from Reepham and Cawston to Norwich also serving Eastgate and Haveringland.

Services 43A and 43B revised PM journey at 14.55 from School.

Service 44

Frequency increased Sunday service reinstated – route extension to New Housing Estate at Heath Farm Holt Nightjar Road

Service X44/44A/X40

Frequency increased Monday to Saturday plus Sunday service reinstated - X40 journeys reintroduced for faster journey times.

Service 45/45A

Saturday service Reinstated and Monday to Friday shopping journeys to omit Felthorpe and add Horsford.

Service 55/x55

Frequency increased back to full normal timetable

Service 88

Revised PM journey now at 14.55.

Service 210

Minor alterations and full normal timetable

Service CH1 and CH4

CH1 frequency increased to hourly– Sunday service reinstated – additional summer CH4 journeys to run from Saturday before Late May Bank Holiday Monday to 2nd Saturday in October annually.

Service CH2

Frequency increased back to Hourly Monday to Saturday – Sunday service reinstated.

We do not envisage any further changes to our timetables this summer / Autumn - Timetables are at the printers and will all be available on this website by Tuesday April 6th. Sanders keeping the people of North Norfolk moving.